Institute of Geotechnologies

“Institute of Geotechnologies” (IGT) was established in 2003 to provide consulting and maintenance services in prospecting, exploration and appraisal for mineral resource deposit development. “Institute of Geotechnologies” is a private independent company and a research resident in the scientific Park of Moscow state University M.V.Lomonosov.



  • Management of projects, related to set-up and performance of prospecting and appraisal activities for key mineral resources;
  • Engineering and geological support to field activities for solid commercial minerals;
  • Intelligent geological supervision;
  • Set-up and performance of prospecting, appraisal and exploration work, geological and technological audit in projects, related to surveying and exploration of solid commercial minerals;
  • Design and all types of field hydrogeological surveys;
  • Geotechnical and environmental research.


SGC Group LLC is the exclusive Distributor in Russian Federation and Republic Kazakhstan of following producers of drilling geological tools:

- Diaset (Canada) diamond tools (bits, reaming shells, casing shoes)
- TIME Lmt (Canada) Core drilling tools, auxiliary tools, Retvitable and Bypass wedges, drilling rods
- Atelier Val-d-Or (Canada) Surface drilling rigs for core drilling depth up to 3 km.
- Technidrill (France) Metric core drilling tools.

Offices and warehouses of SGC Group are located in Khabarovsk, Saint-Petersburg and Almaty Republic of Kazakhstan


The company SK-Polimery is a manufacturer of equipment and components for enterprises engaged in gold mining on an industrial scale. Our enterprise is awarded numerous awards in the field of innovation of gold mining solutions. Also we are proud of the achievements in the field of dug mats. Thanks to cooperation with leading specialists of Russian and foreign research institutes, our products are constantly being modernized and always remain relevant at this time.
We produce: rubber draught carpets, including those with stencil edges; sluice coating; trays prospector; rubber and polyurethane sieves; water pipes, pulp pipelines; concentration tables and decks for them; hydroelevators; linings; draught stencils; laboratory sieves; sieves of jigging machines, etc.
We have the opportunity to make products of non-standard shapes and sizes for You.