Brief outline of the reports are accepted before June 25

If the program is 100% complete, the organizing committee reserves the right to refuse to accept the report before the deadline.


  • Investment potential of the Russian Far East subsoil and the possibility of its discovery.
  • Ensuring the advanced reproduction and modern quality search capacity of solid mineral deposit in the Far East.
  • Intensification and improvement of geological exploration efficiency on the Far East solid mineral deposit facilities of traditional and new types.
  • Issues of creating a reliable and modern raw material base for sustainable development of mining in the Russian Far East.
  • Small and medium business in exploration and production of solid minerals in the Far East: issues of intensification of its quantitative expansion and qualitative development.
  • Large-scale mining operations in the Far East, the problems of their creation, maintenance and development, promoting competition and increasing the efficiency of their operation.
  • Issues of infrastructure advanced development in remote regions and infrastructural support of exploration and mining industries in the Far East.
  • Development of all forms of specialized education and assistance in attracting personnel to mining and geological industry.
  • Modern solutions of environmental issues, industrial safety and labor protection, as well as social impact of mining and geological projects in the Russian Far East.
  • Risk management and increasing the openness and investment attractiveness of research and development projects in the Russian Far East.